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Presentation Title: Wakened Hypnosis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks
by Richard Kuhns NGH certified

© copyright 2004 by Richard Kuhns
Presentation Subtitle: Dissecting Anxiety, Panic attacks and associated Depression

Participants will learn in simple basic terms the connections between:
type A personality traits that lead to anxiety and panic attacks.
disappointments and anxiety.
stress and the flight/flight response and how to neutralize it.
wakened hypnosis and the cognitive shift required to reduce anxiety.
conclusion and observation in eliminating the secondary and tertiary fear response.

A study encompassing 81 participants over a 3 year period suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks, and agoraphobia who attended from 1-to-20 sessions with the average being 10 sessions. 80% of the participants reported significant improvement.

This workshop is about the specific technique that produced the dramatic results. Although specific anti anxiety meds may be an important adjunct in the successful treatment of anxiety, anxiety by in large is a disease of ignorance. When the relationships among disappointment, flight response, and observation are understood, anxiety and panic attacks are replaced with a shift in cognitive skill with new ways of handling disappointing stress.

Presentation Plan
Introduction--Getting to know the participants
Their experience and specific interest in the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.

The myths of anxiety and panic attacks.
The standard approach using relaxation techniques and why they don't work.
The value of :
deep relaxation, deep breathing, meditation
biofeedback in the treatment of anxiety
(what works, when to do it, and what doesn’t work)

Requirements of professionals treating anxiety and panic attacks.

Understanding the sympathetic stress response resulting in anxiety

Type A Personality traits contributing factors.

How disappointments factor into anxiety.

How secondary and tertiary fear responses feed into anxiety and how to eliminate it.

Anxiety---a disease of ignorance
Observation training to neutralize secondary fear response
Important distinctions between anxiety and phobias
Why agoraphobia is not a phobia but a symptom of anxiety.
Wakened hypnosis and the formulation of specific suggestions
Stress management centering techniques
The value of handling disappointment and associated emotions.

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